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With my Human Resource background MY VISION IS:

  •  Encourage integration, cooperation and professionalism at all levels
  • Implement programs that enhance communication and cooperation between individual workers in order to nurture organizational development
  • Design an organizational framework establishing a system of communication that helps the village operate in a unified manner


With my Small Business background MY VISION IS:

  • As Mayor bring “high-end” companies to the community of Olympia Fields
  • Work with other regions to implement Regional Cooperation
  • Incorporate Business Deals that include our school district by offering our children apprenticeships, etc.


With my Accounting and Finance background MY VISION IS:

  • Implement a Comprehensive Budget that serves 3 purposes: (a) a Planning Tool (b) an instrument of control over expenditures and (c) a communication device
  • Create a transparent Comprehensive City Plan
  • Create a Capital Improvement Plan


With my Sales background MY VISION IS:

  • Build liaisons between the Park District, Public Library, Schools and Homeowners Associations
  • Create a conversation platform and regional collaboration with neighboring municipalities
  • Ensure “transparency” is transparent

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